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Reasons to become a Cardinal Crazy

A great way to show school spirit and become more involved is by joining the ACHS Cardinal Crazies Club.
Cardinal Crazies are always there to excite the crowd and bring on the school spirit.

There are a lot of clubs to join at Antioch Community High School and the Cardinal Crazies Club seems to be a favorite amongst the students. Joining a club, particularly this one, can help students get more involved with school and make more friends. This club is all about showing school spirit, showing support for athletes at sporting events and just having fun. 

There are some students that take school spirit to another level, especially at sporting events and this resulted in the founding of the Cardinal Crazies. The Cardinal Crazies want the ACHS student body to feel the love and support while they compete in their sports or perform.

“The thing I enjoy most about being a Cardinal Crazy is the ability to bring everyone together,” senior Nina Albertini said. “Every student is truly a Cardinal Crazy and it’s a club where we all can belong. It allows for us to come together as one and support each other.”

There is no stereotype or some specific way to be in order to join the Cardinal Crazies, just be natural and bring school spirit. Also, there is nothing better than having fun with one’s friends and making memories together. Becoming a Cardinal Crazy is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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Many benefits can come from joining a club that some may not even know about. Aside from the fun and memories, there is much more to it.

According to, students that participate in a club tend to actually have better academics, are more engaged socially and are shown to become happier than others that are not in a “high-spirited” club.

While some might see some clubs as for the more popular and well-known students, anyone interested are encouraged to get involved and there are greater things that can come from joining that may come as a surprise.

Knowing that becoming a Cardinal Crazy will help and encourage one’s mental health as well as social and academic life there is not much left to learn and when it comes to wanting to join.

“There’s no qualifications for what it takes to join the group,” art teacher and Cardinal Crazies advisor Stefan Pfautz said. “Years ago it used to be a seniors-only thing, but we’ve shifted that policy. Really we are just trying to get more kids involved and kids who are excited to be a part of encouraging school spirit at our school.”

The Cardinal Crazies are commonly known as just a senior club but the club is open to everyone and anyone who wants to share their leadership and support with fellow students.

Clubs are welcoming for everyone and specifically, the Cardinal Crazies are looking for members from any grade level, seeking people with good school spirit. Reaching out to become a member of this club might just be the next step to a more exciting high school experience.

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Ariana Nikolov
Ariana Nikolov, Tom Tom Staff
Ariana Nikolov is a senior and this will be her third year in Tom Tom. Nikolov plays both basketball and soccer. In her free time she likes to spend time with friends.
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