REVIEW: The Life of Pablo

Kanye West's new album featuring The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and more has just been released. Unexpectedly, it is not yet finished.


Clay Vesser

The Life of Pablo

Clay Vesser, Tom Tom Staff

The Life of Pablo is a hit, but it is not for sale.

Kanye’s latest album has been hyped up for a long time, and after his “Saturday Night Live” Performance, and the announcement that The Life of Pablo was for sale digitally at and streaming on Tidal, thousands rushed to pay $20 for the long awaited album. But West soon pulled the commercial version of the album, and those who bought the album on Tidal have either failed to receive the files, or received it with a glitch (the last song failing to appear, and the second to last song appearing twice). Kanye then tweeted statements about this choice, saying that the album is not done yet, that he is going to fix certain tracks, etc. He also stated that his album will never be available for purchase on iTunes. It is possible that the only way to ever listen to it is through Tidal.

Kanye Tweets about TLOP
Clay Vesser
Kanye Tweets about TLOP.

I first heard about The Life of Pablo when it was still available for purchase on Tidal. The price tag was what prevented me from buying it. Instead, the next day one of my friends presented me with a way to download the album. The Life of Pablo features 18 songs and famous artists ranging from Chance the Rapper to Kendrick Lamar. The mysterious and thought-to-have-disappeared Frank Ocean also made an appearance on the album.

I love every song on the album, with the exception of Fade, the last track. If it was a standalone single, it would be good, but when it is released with the other amazing songs on the album, it fails to impress.

The album starts off with “Ultra Light Beam”, the song performed on SNL, and is where the gospel feel of the album really originates from.

Kanye West says his new album is a gospel album.
Clay Vesser
Kanye West tweets that his new album is a gospel album.

I felt that this song was an excellent way to start off TLOP, with the swells and the gospel like lyrics and voices. Chance makes an appearance in the song and delivers great lines.

The “Father Stretch My Hands” songs could technically be put together because of their two minute lengths, but it works best as two separate parts, both of which are amazing.

“Famous,” featuring Rihanna, has a very in-your-face vibe. Kanye rips Taylor Swift apart with his verses and basically takes credit for her fame. His lyrics in the song have already caused controversy and Taylor even addressed it herself in her speech at the Grammy’s.

The rest of the songs on the album are put together well and have lyrics that will be repeating themselves over and over in your head for days to come. My favorite songs from the album are “High Lights”, “30 Hours”, “No More Parties in L.A.” and “Freestyle 4”.

Although I personally enjoyed each and every song on TLOP, I have to say that it id definitely not for everyone. If you are easily offended, stay away from Kanye and his new album. If you liked Kanye’s previous albums and singles and have been a fan for a while, you can surely appreciate his new masterpiece.