Robber killed by customer in Texas restaurant

Unnamed customer fatally shoots restaurant intruder and returns stolen money.


Emma W

Restaurant robber shot and killed in Texas.

On Jan. 5, 2023, at The Ranchito #4 taquero, Eric Eugene Washington was shot and killed while attempting to rob the restaurant. Authorities have not released the name of the 46-year-old man who shot Washington. While he was brought in to be questioned, he has not been arrested or charged.

According to CBS News, police arrived on the scene, to find a man wearing all-black clothing, a ski mask and gloves. They discovered him with multiple gunshot wounds and pronounced him dead at the scene. 

Witnesses claim Washington had entered the restaurant with a pistol pointed at the customers and demanded money. As he collected the money, another customer stood and fatally shot Washington.

According to the Insider Edition, the gun Washington had threatened people with turned out to be a prop that was not able to fire bullets.  

According to ABC News, the man who had shot Washington is facing a grand jury after coming forward for questioning. He shot Washington multiple times in the back as other customers ducked under tables to hide from the gunfire. Washington collapsed by the front of the store, the customer then proceeded to shoot him one last time at close range. 

After the Grand Jury decides the verdict there will be more information about the customer.