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Sam Kempf launches into the track and field season

Senior Sam Kempf is continuing her pole vaulting career for her last track season.
Sydney Parker
Despite having a short pole vault career, senior Samantha Kempf has enjoyed it.

Senior Samantha Kempf has participated in track and field since sixth grade, and has continued to grow and try new events. One event that Kempf has excelled at is pole vault, an event that requires athletes to throw themselves over a bar with a pole. Kempf wanted to try out pole vault because she has participated in sports that are very similar to the techniques pole vaulting requires. 

“I did cheer and gymnastics for a long period of time, and they require lots of upper body strength,” Kempf said. “I personally think I have [lots of] upper body strength.”

Kempf  tried pole vaulting her freshman year, but didn’t enjoy it. Her sophomore year, she tried pole vaulting again, and became passionate about it. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  Kempf never got a full year of practice during her junior year. Now, as a senior,  Kempf is back at practice and ready for this upcoming season.

“[Kempf] was doing great [her sophomore year], then the next year, COVID hit and [she] didn’t get to have a pole vaulting and track season,” Coach Dan Oslage said.

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Oslage has coached Kempf since her freshman year and was the person who taught her how to pole vault. Oslage wasn’t the only person who has helped Kempf improve her pole vaulting; Alumnus Noor Abdellatif and Kylie Craig have helped her become a better pole vaulter. Following in their footsteps, Kempf has continued to help other young pole vaulters.

“[Kempf] gives me tips on how to stay straight when I pole vault,” junior Emily Kaluzinski said.

With all the help Kempf has received and given, she has greatly improved throughout her pole vaulting career and will continue to grow during the season.

“During the summer, [Kempf] came to all the open summer practices and progressed from vaulting [around] six or eight feet to [around] ten feet,” Oslage said.

Even though this is Kempf’s last year of high school track and field, there are so many goals her teammates and coaches have for her. Kalunzinski, who has been vaulting with Kempf for a year, has seen and learned a lot from Kempf, and wants to see her have success. 

“My goal for [Kempf] is for her to reach a new personal record in pole vault,” Kaluzinski said. 

Furthermore, Oslage anticipates success for Kempf, and has high expectations for her this year. 

“I would like to see [Kempf] make all conference this year and pole vault over ten feet and three inches,” Oslage said.

Ending the year with a new personal best is what all Kempf’s teams and coaches wish for her to complete. Since Kempf’s track and field career is coming to an end, she will sadly not be competing in college.

“I would like to continue track and field after high school, but the college I am going to does not offer pole vault for either men and women,” Kempf said.

Kempf will be attending Iowa State next year, and even though she will not be able to compete, she is still excited for her future ahead.


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Sydney Parker
Sydney Parker, Sports Writing Editor
Sydney Parker is a senior and this is her fourth year on staff. In her free time, Parker is either spending time with her friends or shopping. Parker plays travel softball, but is also on the school’s golf team and track and field team.
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