Science teacher earns opportunity to learn abroad

Stacy Terlep to research in South Africa for a week.


Science teacher Stacy Terlep has been offered a chance to learn abroad and said she could not be more excited to make the most of the opportunity.

This opportunity involves staying one week in Cape Town, South Africa, to partner with the U.S. Science Support Program’s “School of Rock” event on the ship JOIDES Resolution, which does ocean expeditions and research. Earth and ocean science teachers from across the country were invited to visit this area and help with research.

The affiliated company drills into the ocean to find material samples from the surfaces beneath the water.  They then collect data, and the administrators help view and organize new thinking towards theories of species and or simple particles.

Along with doing research, I will be attending workshops and learning about relevant topics in the Earth Science curriculum from the research that is complete while I am there,” Terlep said.

The invitation gives Terlep the chance to investigate and study materials that could not be replicated in the classroom. Also, Terlep’s students are learning about a lot of what she will soon investigate, giving a clear view on curriculum.

“I feel incredibly honored to be chosen for this opportunity to work alongside highly qualified researchers,” she said. “I hope to have the experience of a lifetime.”