Secret Musicians

The HarMENy choir group is club at Antioch Community High School seeking new members.


Izana Nordhaus

Joseph Brown, Nicholas Taylor, and James Taylor are rehearsing their song for HarMENy.

HarMENy is a student-led all men choir group.  Compared to other choir groups, they receive only a small portion of help from choir teacher, Michael Hickey. The members describe it as a more laid back environment.  

“It is not as high intensity as other choir programs,” junior Nicholas Taylor said. “You just automatically feel happy.”

Though the members enjoy being a part of the group, many of them agree they have trouble branching out. Currently, there are only five members, which does not make for a stable club when other seasonal sports start up.

“[You should join] if you enjoy singing music and being with people that are fun to hang out with,” senior James Taylor said. “It’s open to pretty much anyone and it’s a fun time.”

HarMENy performs at every choir concert. New faces are always welcomed into the group.