Senior ACT Park Privileges Spark Pride in Students

The top 18 student performances on the ACT received personalized parking spots in the upper lot.


Lauren Bluthardt

Senior Elizabeth Gardner is one of the many successful students that received an ACT parking spot.

Receiving scores from the ACT, or the “American College Test,” elicits different responses for every student. The test gives results toward a student’s college readiness by challenging knowledge in key topics such as English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. At ACHS, the top 18 students are awarded a personal parking spot in the upper lot near the athletic entrance. Receiving an above-average score on her March ACT test, Senior Elizabeth Gardner is one of the few dozen students rewarded the unique parking spot.

“I received an email that told me that my ACT score was high enough to earn one of the spots,” Gardner said. “My goal had been to just do the best I could on the ACT, but the special parking is a nice bonus!”

In addition to receiving the board, the selected students were able to decorate it however they want. With the creative juices flowing, students prepped the paint and sharpened the colored pencils to show off their artistic potentials. Senior Amy Reiser used a web design program for her board, adding a unique spark to the colorful plaques lining the front of the parking lot.

“I designed my board during my CADD (Computer Aided Drafting and Design) class,” Reiser said. “Mr. Salaban set it up so that his machine would engrave my design.”

Although it offers a limited opportunity for the student body, the ACT board program is important as it recognizes the abilities and accomplishments of Sequoits and instills pride within the school and community.