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Juliana Bordonaro
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Sequoits win in great fashion

Antioch Sequoits win 28 – 14 against the Grayslake Rams.
Jacob Slabosz
Senior Leo Reband defends along the 40 yard line.

The Sequoits continued their winning streak as they won 28-14 on our home turf against Grayslake Central on Friday, October 8. As this was one game that definitely put everyone on edge with Central’s previous record of 5-1. 

Starting with a slow start, things picked up in the first quarter as senior Andy Bowles scored a touchdown with the help of senior Remi Ivanovas kick for the extra point. 

“One thing that motivated me this week was being able to help my team as much as I could,” Ivanonas said. 

Grayslake Central scored a touchdown with 3:57 left on the clock, leaving Antioch with seven and Central with seven. With 1:25 left in the first quarter Grayslake Central scored a 64 yard touchdown putting Antioch at seven and Central 14 at the end of the first quarter.

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“My favorite part about playing on the home turf are the fans,” junior Caleb Nobling said. “I love the way they bring the energy to the game, it’s insane.”

Junior Jordan Devaughn scored a touchdown at the beginning of the second quarter along with Remi Ivanovas’ extra point attempt 14-14. Sophomore Nick Day scores a touchdown with 7:18 left on the clock, Antioch leads 21-14 

With 2:27 left in the first half senior Andy Bowles ran the ball 34 yards, allowing junior Aiden Lennon to score a touchdown ending the first half, 28 -14.

“We knew that another loss would mean no guaranteed playoff spot,” junior Aiden Lennon said.  “I think not making playoffs alone is enough motivation for us to play as hard as possible.”

The score remained 28 – 14 until the end of the game. The Sequoits win, hyping everyone up for our upcoming homecoming game against Round Lake High School on Friday, October 15 on our home turf. As the team increases their spot into the playoffs, the Sequoits are working harder every day. 

​​”Next week is our homecoming game and we can’t disappoint you guys,” Nobling said.

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Lauren Deguzman, Tom Tom Staff
Lauren Deguzman is a senior and has been on the staff for two years. She is a cheerleader for Antioch and in her free time, she spends time with her friends and family. You can usually find her at Culvers or in her bed sleeping.
Jacob Slabosz, Lifestyles Online Director

Jacob Slabosz is a senior and has been on staff for two years. He has played baseball at Antioch for four years and is a three-time state qualifier with the math team. In his free time, of which he has very little due to frequent overworking, Slabosz enjoys cooking, scrolling through TikTok, boating and throwing sass like there is no tomorrow.

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