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Shoot to Thrill

ACHS boys basketball players debrief about the season starting and their goals.
Dean Brewer
Junior Teddi Wetu lifting weights before practice.

Boys Basketball has always been a very prominent part of Antioch Community High School sports, it is one of the many exciting sporting events students get to attend after football season comes to an end. Last year’s basketball season, the boys went 9-5 in the conference, but unfortunately the Sequoits got knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by Notre Dame High School. This year, the boys hope to finish the season with a perfect conference record and win a regional title


Senior Joel Bulka has been playing basketball at ACHS on varsity for two and a half years now and has seen the team grow and evolve, learning from losses and managing their way to victory. Bulka believes this could be their strongest season yet since the team holds a lot of talent. Their whole starting lineup has been playing at the varsity level from anywhere between one and three years, which is uncommon across the board. Bulka believes their biggest strength is their offense; the team has a lot of shooters and guys who can step up if something is not working out. After losing over half the team to graduation last year, the current boys basketball team has to adjust a few things to continue to set and pass the high expectations the former seniors left behind. 


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¨We have enough talent throughout the team to fill the roles that the previous seniors carried,¨ Bulka said. ¨They were great leaders to my class while we were juniors which will help us follow in their footsteps and win a lot of games this year.¨


With new leaders and players, new skills are also into play. Junior Connor Devine at ACHS, has been playing basketball for almost 10 years now. His first two years at ACHS he spent at the freshman and sophomore level, however, this upcoming season his skill assets will be a part of the varsity team. Devine acknowledges the tough season ahead, but agrees that if the team stays locked in on their goals, they will achieve their most desired result: winning conference and getting their names up on the wall. 


¨Our coach constantly reminds us of the empty boys basketball banner in the north gym,¨ Devine said. ¨We are trying to do something special and win conference for the first time in a very long time.¨


 Another ACHS basketball player, junior Teddi Wetu, has been a part of the program since he was a freshman, starting out on the JV level but moved up to varsity last year. Wetu acknowledges the hardships the team has already gone through, from players quitting to players getting injured. He agrees that new leaders will emerge from these challenges and through staying together, greatness will be achieved. 


Make sure to keep an eye out to support your favorite boys basketball team this upcoming winter. Their first game will be played over Thanksgiving break on Monday, Nov. 20 at St. Viator High School against Libertyville High School at 5:30 p.m., and will take on Lakes Community High School Friday, Dec. 1. At LCHS at 5:30 p.m. 

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