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Post basketball blues

Catching up with seniors after their final basketball season as a Sequoit concluded
Hannah Barczak
Senior photo on winter media day.

After the season ends, and the hoops go up what do all the basketball players do? Returning athletes begin to prepare for club basketball or the next season with weightlifting or recreational basketball. For the seniors, things are different, as they are planning for their future lives outside of high school, but, what does this mean for their basketball careers?

As the players ended their season with a winning record and a trip to the playoffs, they had a relatively successful season. Many seniors appeared to be happy with this, but not all were, as senior Joey Neumann wished the basketball team had done more.

“I feel like we could have won more and done better things,” Neumann said. “That’s just how it was and you can’t go back.”

As Neumann was not entirely happy with the end of the season, he was happy with his several seasons at Antioch Community High School. This is similar to senior Kyle Glassman’s outlook on his time as a Sequoit.

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“There is some things we did not accomplish but I felt like we put a lot of good back into the program when we started something special.” Glassman said.

As a senior leaving not only a team behind but a program, all you can hope for is that you left a long lasting and positive impact, hoping the generations after them can continue to improve and potentially one day become Illinois state champions.

“Antioch basketball has not had much success in less than two years.” Neumann said.

Senior Nate Young thinks that this can be changed though as he sees a change coming. He also believes his class had a role in bringing about this change.

“I think that we’re finally turning it around and it’s good to hopefully be a pioneer.” Young said.

The Sequoits’ seasons have been gaining steam every year which is something Neumann and Young have been able to see first hand. As Young has played on the team all four years of his high school, he feels there have been major changes to the program.

“We really improved since my freshman year, and I am extremely proud of the team and the direction it is headed in.” Young said.

The last thing the seniors wanted to say was advice for future Sequoit basketball players, as they hope to come back and see a thriving team in their absence.

“You just have to invest a lot of time into it and you got to make sure it is a priority,” Neumann said.

Although these athletes put lots of work enduring the season it is important to also work on your own time. This is especially true if these athletes are looking to improve their skills and potentially become a starter for the team.

“Definitely keep playing over the summer,” Glassman said. “Even when the season is over and just keep working. Practice never hurts.”

This is something hopefully all future players will take into consideration in order to continue to improve upon the team’s legacy. Next year the Sequoits hope to make it further than ever before and take with them the advice and experience of playing with these seniors.

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