Softball season’s standings

Coming off an amazing season last year, the Sequoit softball team has some big expectations for this year.


Field is prepped, let’s play ball!

With softball tryouts right around the corner, there are some high expectations for the girls. Coming off one of the greatest performances in the program’s history, the girls are heading into the new season ranked second in the state for class 3A. 

Last season, the girls finished the season with a record of 32 wins and six losses. They just barely fell to Sterling in the Elite Eight. Even though some key members of the team graduated, there are still a lot of promising faces coming back. 

“With being a freshman last year and not knowing how the high school season worked, it was definitely a new experience,” sophomore Aubrey Ultsch said. “But with that first year, and going as far as we did I think we are extremely prepared with what we need to do going into this season.”

There are a few very good opponents on the schedule for the Sequoits this year. A few big teams that they will have to play are Stevenson and Warren. On top of these games, there is typically a conference game or two that give them a run for their money. They play Wauconda twice during the regular season.

“Last season was a great one,” junior Eden Echevarria said. “We hit the ground running and figured out how to work as a team pretty fast. Having hard games against Wauconda and Grayslake North last year prepared us for this year. Not to mention the game against Sterling. These close-run games, I think, prepared the younger kids and even myself for what the playoffs are like. I think this year, we’ll be ready.”

There is a lot of pressure on the team heading into the year and it will be a hard task for them to play through all the nagging and hounding. With the support from all of the girls’ fans, there is a good chance that the girls can play well.

“I do not believe the pressure of this season will affect us,” sophomore Grace Green said. “ If anything, I believe it will make us stronger as a team and more competitive. This goal gives us something very possible to work for and achieve.”

This season will be a long grind, but the girls will try their hardest to impress and start this season on the same note they ended the last one.