St. Patrick’s Day Pretzel Pops

A quick and easy recipe to sweeten any St. Patrick’s Day party.

With St. Patrick’s day just around corner, there are sure to be plenty of plans for parties and special events. Where there are parties, there are sure to be snacks and treats. One sweet treat that is sure to go with any St. Patrick’s Day party are sweet and salty pretzel pops.

“It’s like an Irish party in my mouth,” math teacher Andrew Benton said.

In order to make these pretzel pops, the necessary materials include one bag of mini pretzels, one bag of Ghirardelli white chocolate melting wafers, a bag of cake pop sticks, gold sugar sprinkles, green food coloring and wax paper.

The first step in making the pretzel pops is melting the white chocolate for the designated time listed on the bag. Once the chocolate finishes melting, add about ten drops of green food coloring into the chocolate, or until desired color is reached. After this, lay the wax paper out on the counter and place the cake pops on top. Then, dip the mini pretzels into the the chocolate, and once layered place onto the wax paper into the shape of a shamrock. One the shape is made, place a little dab of chocolate in the center point of the pretzels, and sprinkle the gold sprinkles over the chocolate. Once the chocolate has hardened, the pretzel pops are finished and ready to eat.

“I like the sweetness of the chocolate mixed with the saltiness of the pretzel, and it would definitely be something I would eat again,” junior Taylor Horner said.

“I have always liked chocolate covered pretzels because of the mixture of the flavor,” senior Jordan Coutcher said. “This added a holiday spin and I would definitely try it.”

The holiday treats are sure to be the prime snack for any St. Patrick’s Day party.