The Alumna That Always Gives it 100 Percent

The Alumna That Always Gives it 100 Percent

Sequoit alumna Carly McCameron traded in cardinal and gray for navy blue and gold as she continues her basketball career at Augustana College. McCameron graduated from Antioch Community High School in 2015 after four years of playing Sequoit basketball. She then committed to Augustana College, where she competes in their NCAA Division III basketball program.

While playing basketball at ACHS, McCameron was a leader for the team. She played with intensity and focus, while at the same time never losing her goofy personality.

Her ability to have fun while staying focused at the same time made it easy for them to follow her lead and enjoy the game of basketball.

“[McCameron] leads by her actions and her passion for the sport that she loves,” Sequoit alumna Shannon Zogran said. “She was always the person that brought people up and kept the team moving forward in games.”

Off the court, McCameron liked to stay involved in the school and community. Whether it be attending church, youth group or basketball, McCameron never failed to do her best in any activity she pursued.

“She was the type of person that you would want your own daughter to grow up to be,” girls Varsity basketball coach Jamie D’Andrea said. “Whatever she asked of her teammates, they knew she was also doing, so they followed her lead very willingly.”

Encouraged by her parents, McCameron tried as many activities as possible to see what she liked. During the winter of sixth grade is when McCameron decided to join the basketball team and ultimately stick with it.

McCameron knew she wanted to play college basketball after her sophomore year of high school. She began to focus on improving her confidence and skill by playing travel basketball, which only motivated her to become a better player.

“When I played basketball my sophomore year, my motives changed,” McCameron said. “I started playing travel basketball year-round and my love for [basketball] grew. Since then, I have been determined to be the best player I can be.”

McCameron used her drive and focus to advance her basketball career at Augustana, where she quickly learned that college basketball is much faster paced than high school. College basketball requires a lot of practice, time and dedication in order to compete for a spot on the court.

“Almost every player on a college basketball team was one of the best players on their high school team, so the competition is fierce,” McCameron said.

Now in her sophomore year of college and ninth year of basketball, McCameron continues her passion for the game and her teammates by having fun and working hard on and off the court.

“I just feel so lucky to have ended up being a part of the Augustana basketball family and be able to continue my basketball career,” McCameron said.

McCameron explains how lucky she feels to have been able to continue to play the sport she loves and to constantly be surrounded by her amazing teammates and coaches.

“Every time I get to put on my uniform and step out onto the court I thank God for the opportunity to represent him, my family, Augustana and Antioch,” McCameron said.