The Backbone of the Antioch Theatre Program

Stage crew does the behind the scenes work for theatre productions.


Stage crew is an extracurricular activity that not many know about. This club is the backbone and behind the scenes of Antioch’s theatrical performances. 

“The basic point of stage crew is to help with all the shows,” Menzies said. “We do everything from the set, to sound, and the lights.”

Not only does stage crew prove useful to the production of shows, but it also has lasting impacts on its students. Senior Luke Menzies shares his experience as a 4-year member of stage crew.

“Being a part of stage crew has helped me become more artistic and creative,” Menzies said. “I believe it [stage crew] has made an impact on the school because we have lots of kids trying it out.”

Stage crew allows students to participate in theatre without having to be an actor or actress. This extracurricular calls for long hours of hard work, but pays off with the fun and inspiration it brings.

“I did this club because I wanted to do theatre and did not want to be an actor,” Menzies said. “It can be long but it’s fun and inspiring, too.”

Stage crew is the club where students can learn new skills easily, while also having a good time.