The most anticipated parts of fall

As the trees change and the weather grows cooler, people start to become more eager about what the upcoming season will bring.


Hannah Gaydovchik

Students at Antioch Community High School are very eager for what the Fall season will bring.

The fall season has arrived; this time of year brings the close of summer and the very start of the new season. Many people are very eager about the seasonal change.

Fall means the emergence of colder weather, which implies the rise of sweaters and blankets, something that senior Paige Wilson is very much in favor of.

“I like it when I don’t need to be in AC all the time,” Wilson said. “I can pile up in blankets and not overheat”.

Senior Kelsie MacMillan prefers the cooler weather to summer’s heat as well.

“I pull out all my sweatshirts or comfy flannels and stuff,” MacMillan said. “Just overall excited for it to be a little chillier out.”

MacMillan is also eager about her last field hockey season. She has been on varsity field hockey since freshman year, and saying goodbye to a commitment like that is difficult. However, she tends to look on the bright side of things.

“It’s my senior year; that makes [it] the most exciting,” MacMillan said.

Fall also brings a final sports season to another senior. Senior Mackenzie Carley, a four-year tennis player, shares her thoughts on her fall season so far.

“It’s my senior year, so this is my last year playing tennis for Antioch, which is kind of sad, but I am really excited to have one last year to play tennis,” Carley said.

Besides her sport, Carley has a fall family tradition that she is looking forward to, known as football Sunday.

“We light a fire in the fireplace, and we all hang out with fuzzy blankets and stuff and watch football,” Carley said. “It’s really fun and relaxing.”

MacMillan also has annual traditions that she does with her family to celebrate the new season.

“My family goes apple picking,” MacMillan said. “It’s a fun little tradition we do once a year, we typically go to Stade’s [Farm & Market].”

The upcoming season is approaching fast, and it is full of exciting new memories to create. Whether it be a sports season, cooler weather or traditions, this season is sure to fall for.