The seniors on the varsity football team reminisce about their senior impact

The Sequoits have a heartbreaking loss against Wauconda on senior night.


Laila Salata

Senior Payton Holmes on the field during the ACHS vs. Wauconda game.

On Sept. 30, 2022, Antioch Community High School celebrated the seniors on the ACHS varsity football team against Wauconda High School. Senior night is known to be a sentimental night as they realize that the end of their last high school football games is upon them.

“I grew up with basically all the kids on the team right now and not being able to play with them is definitely gonna be hard,” senior Payton Holmes said. “I think I’m just gonna miss the part that’s  basically a second family to me.”

Talent is one the most important aspects of football, but relationships that are made through the years are equally as important. The connections the players have built with one another on the team are admirable and will certainly last for years to come. 

The past seniors who have graduated have also impacted their younger teammates as a person and a player. 

They taught me how to keep a better attitude… because not a lot of people get the opportunities to do the same things that I do,” Holmes said. 

The impact the alumni made on the team to change their mindset comes to light after Antioch’s unfortunate 16-14 loss against Wauconda High School. It was an extremely close game that had players and students disappointed in the final outcome. The Sequoits still keep their heads high, as senior Alex Bueno talks about using this as motivation for personal and overall teamwork improvement. 

“I am going to work on switching things up at practice, getting ready for the next game mentally and going after the win,” Bueno said.

With four years of high school football experience, the seniors have faced multiple losses, including the game against Wauconda. They have learned how to overcome and conquer while shouldering the burden of their teammates. Not only do the seniors play a big part in the game’s overall success, but also a big part in the team’s morale. 

Senior Ryan Raiman has been one of the most supportive players in the past season through moral support even though he has been out due to injuries. The previous alums’ mindsets and attitudes have all left an impact on Raiman as he aspires to leave his legacy as previous players had. 

“I would just be there to cheer them up and tell them that they did get it right the next time,” Raiman said. “After losses, they would always say in our group chat the next day we need to get to work.”

The seniors are sad as their final season comes to an end. Nevertheless, their legacies, memories and mindsets will always be remembered.