The Stressless Things In Life

Different methods that help relieve the stress of everyday life.

Everyone knows how it feels to have a stressful day, especially when it comes to school and sports. Whether it is studying for a big Math test, making sure you have everything you needed to finish your I-Search, or ensuring you get in enough practice the next game, everyone has experienced that feeling, but there are plenty ways to reduce stress.

One method for instance is listening to music. Music is a great way to clear the mind, and sometimes the right tune is all people need to make the day a little less stressful.

“When I am stressed out I either listen to music or take a shower to relieve my stress,” senior Alexa Jimenez said.

Another way to relieve stress is sitting down in a nice quiet place and reading a good book. This is a great way to engage the mind without having to worry about any stressful work.

“I personally can’t think of a better way to escape life than to pick up a good book,” Chris Bailey of “A Life Of Productivity” said.

Many people also like to sit down and see or write a story when stressed. This way people are able to take what is stressing them out, and express it through drawing or writing.

“I write poetry to relieve stress,” senior Collette Mendoza said.