Through The Lens

A look into Amber Carson’s life.

Gianna Chiappetta

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Judging By the Cover
February 15, 2019
Kayla Grenke

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Amber Carson is a three-sport freshman athlete with many aspirations for her future. Between sports and academics, she has a plan with few uncertainties. Although as life progresses it could change, she has a pretty solid idea of what she wants out of high school, college and beyond.

Carson is a cheerleader during the competition and football season and participates in track in the spring. One of her uncertainties in her plan is whether or not she wishes is to continue with cheering for football or switch to cross country instead. She was junior varsity this year for cheer but hopes she can eventually make varsity.

“I was not on varsity this year but I hope to be sometime,” Carson said. “I just have to keep working hard and make sure I’m giving everything I have and then I will have a possibility. I just want to keep improving and better myself.”

Not only does Carson have goals for athletics, but she also has aspirations for her academics and career. She hopes to become a critical care nurse and knows she will have to work hard to achieve this goal.

“I want to major in nursing. I’m not quite sure where yet, I do know that my dream school would be Emory University,” Carson said. “I plan to just keep getting straight A’s and working hard.”

With her academic and athletic careers somewhat planned out, Carson only has her general life left to create goals for.

“The only thing I would like to do is when I look back, not regret anything,” Carson said. “I also don’t want to take things for granted.”

If her two general life goals are accomplished, it will ensure that she completes her other goals and lives a happy life. No matter the goals one has, it is not important whether or not they succeed in them, but if they are content with the decisions they made and the life they lived. Life has many uncertainties, making planning difficult, but having goals will lead one in the direction they wish to travel and assist with not having any regrets later in life.