Tragic Shooting in Jacksonville Florida

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Sofia Klem

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In Jacksonville Florida, another shooting erupts at at a video game tournament.

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Tragic Shooting in Jacksonville Florida

A video game tournament hosted in Jacksonville, Florida on August 26 ended in tragedy when a  dangerous shooter entered the location and opened fire. The GLHF Game Bar contained numerous people going head-to-head in a game tournament for the video game Madden. The competitive players play to advance to a higher level tournament where the winner is rewarded with a cash prize.

On Sunday, David Katz, a 24-year-old gamer from Baltimore, Maryland, brought a gun into the venue located in the back of a pizza restaurant. He opened fire killing two people and leaving multiple other people with gunshot wounds. After killing the two other players, Katz turned the gun on himself and was the third victim in the Jacksonville shooting.

The police will not discuss the motive of the shooting. Some believe the reason for the shooting is because Katz lost one of the games and didn’t advance into the championship, cash prize round, but no real motive has been released by the Jacksonville police department.

The shooting has caused calls from social media to increase gun control laws nationwide. 

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