Untitled Unmastered: Kendrick’s Surprise Album

The surprise release made up of unreleased TPAB sessions.


Clay Vesser

untitled unmastered.

Clay Vesser, Tom Tom Staff

Released on March 3, weeks after his emotionally charged Grammy Awards performance in which he performed part of “To Pimp a Butterfly,” his 2015 album, Untitled Unmastered has come as a surprise. Untitled Unmastered features 8 tracks coming in at a total of 34 minutes long, and some of them date back as far as produced in 2013. The reason for this is because the entire album is a collection of previous work that came from working on “To Pimp a Butterfly”. The style of his previously released album is incorporated into this new release as well. Raw, forward-thinking, emotionally driven lyrics explore the relationships between race and power. His album features artists such as CeeLo Green, Jay Rock, Anna Wise and Thundercat, and even credits Alicia Keys’ and Swizz Beatz’ son Egypt as a co-producer.

Lamar’s creativity shines brighter than ever with this new release, as he separates himself from other rappers with his unique style and voice.