Upcoming Grease Auditions

The theatre program begins their cast search for the upcoming spring musical.


The spring musical auditions begin Jan. 30 and last throughout the week. Bring your dancing shoes and singing voice for a chance to land a spot in Grease!

After a long awaited season of plays, Antioch Community High School will start the auditions for the upcoming musical next week. The musical will perform a classic rendition of the hit movie “Grease” in April. Auditions for the show begin the week of Jan. 30 and are open to all ACHS students. The show is being directed by Wanda Teddy, Michael Riggs and Trey Hickey with the help of choreographer Kelly Taylor, assistant director Patrick Johnson, accompanist Johnny Untch and stage manager Mary Cook.

“I’m super excited about seeing new people audition,” Cook said. “[Last year’s production of] “Footloose” was such a big success and I love seeing all the talent.”

The two day audition process begins Monday, where students will learn a choreographed dance and the infamous hand jive. They will then show up Tuesday or Wednesday to both dance and sing in front of the judges.

“It is a big thing for the leads,” Teddy said. “They can dance and sing at the same time.”

Those interested in the leading roles will perform key songs from the musical, including the famous “There Are Worse Things I Could Do” and “Those Magic Changes”.

Although it is presented through the theatre department, the Spring musical is well known for being a school-wide production. Sequoits from all walks of life come out to perform including musicians, dancers, cheerleaders and other athletes.

“It becomes a whole school musical which is the one thing we like,” Teddy said. “It opens the doors and allows all faces to have the chance to be on stage.”

For more information or audition materials, stop by Teddy’s room in the fine arts hallway.