Varsity Softball Profile: Addie Hammock


Junior Addison Hammock, who also primarily goes by Addie, is a force to be reckoned with in the infield. Hammock started playing softball, particularly t-ball, at the age of seven; she continued to play it until she turned ten. She then played Antioch Youth Little League (AYLL) in-house before moving onto travel softball when she was 14 with the Antioch Jr. Sequoits. Afterwards, she joined Antioch Adrenaline and has played for them ever since. As far as this season, she hopes it’ll be better than her last and loves what the sport has to offer.

“I love that when I play softball, I can make new friends and play with my friends that I’ve been playing with my whole life,” Hammock said. “I also love that I can always take my anger out on the field which makes me perform better.”

When the team is on the field, one can find Hammock playing second base. She loves the action the position entails, especially trick or routine plays.  

In addition, Hammock’s contributions do not go unnoticed. Her talent supports the team and evokes positivity. In softball, she has consistent rates with bunting and hitting. She is also able to move the runners on the bases as needed.

“Addie is a very hardworking individual who strives to better herself and to be the best she can possibly be,” junior Lillian Regnier said.

When Hammock is not participating in high school softball, she commits the majority of her time to the Antioch Adrenaline. Senior Marisa Harris, who also plays with Hammock on both teams, has a great friendship with her.

“Addie Hammock is one of the most hardworking teammates that I have ever had,” Harris said. “She never gives up on herself and she pushes other teammates when they are down.”

After this softball season, Hammock plans to commit her time to her job, her studies and preparing for college where she hopes to ultimately be pre-med.