Volleyball Profile: Austin Runyard


Merrick Foote, Editor-In-Chief

Sophomore Austin Runyard first played volleyball in sixth grade at Antioch Upper Grade School. When he was younger, he played many sports including hockey and soccer. Now, he only plays volleyball and soccer, but he really loves volleyball. Ever since it was first announced that he made the team in sixth grade, Runyard has enjoyed the team aspect of the sport the most.

“I like how much of a team sport it really is,” Runyard said. “Everyone has to contribute to the game, and everybody is important.”

Runyard loves being on a team and enjoys playing with a good group of teammates. When anyone on a volleyball team fails to do their job, the team cannot be successful. At the same time, if everyone on a team works cohesively as a unit, they are bound to win. Runyard also really likes to help his teammates, and they recognize that his selflessness is a big part of who he is as a player.

“Austin definitely isn’t a selfish player,” sophomore volleyball player Jackson Fries said. “He prefers helping other people over helping himself, and always puts his teammates’ needs and priorities over his own.”

Runyard looks forward to continuing his role as a leader and as a helpful teammate this season. In volleyball, a good team mentality is necessary to succeeding and Runyard makes it one of his top priorities to maintain it at all costs. He also carries this mentality into his everyday life.

“Volleyball has taught me how to be a good sport and team player,” Runyard said.

Initially Runyard was a setter, but now his new position is a right side or middle hitter. Due to his recent switch, Runyard knows a lot about how to play many positions and likes to utilize that knowledge in practice to help others on the team. Runyard is capable of playing any position well, as he has displayed so far this season.

“He is a pretty good middle hitter and blocker,” freshman volleyball player Ryan Day said. “He is stepping into his new role well.”

Runyard looks forward to continuing to improve at his new position this year, and he hopes that playing as a team can help them reach success this season on the JV team.