Winter Weather Calls for Adverse Driving Conditions

Students and Teachers at Antioch Community High School find themselves in a snowy situation.

Slippery roads, snowed-in cars and decreased visibility can all be effects the winter weather has on driving conditions. Students and teachers at Antioch Community High School have all had to deal with some of these effects because of the recent colder weather. After a week of ice and snow and possibly more on the way in February and March, it means paying more attention to the impact of the severe weather on driving conditions.

A survey of ACHS showed that 96 percent of students and teachers who responded said they drive themselves to school. This could mean that the already-crowded parking lots could become even more crowded and dangerous due to the snow pile ups. Even though the parking lot is usually plowed, the snow mounds created can block parking spots and make it even harder for students and teachers to maneuver in the parking lots.

“After school, I got stuck in my parking spot and could not move,” junior Adam Lynn said.

Lynn was one of the students who’s driving was affected by the weather. Although he reduces his speed while driving on the roads, the snowy parking lots can still hinder one’s ability to drive. By turning his wheel along with the help of some of his classmates, he was able to free his car.

It is near impossible to avoid driving in the winter; so, what can one do to keep themselves and their car safe?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one should check their car even before the winter. This will ensure one’s car does not have anything wrong with it that could possibly worsen once the winter comes. It is also important to stock your car with tools that would come in handy in an emergency. Some of these tools include an ice scraper, blankets and extra food. Snowy weather can also decrease one’s visibility. In order to see and be seen, it is crucial to make sure all the car’s lights are in working condition.

The repercussions of driving in the winter may be inevitable, but is important to know how to prepare for a snowy situation.