Writers Week Day One: Sasha Dawn

This year’s Writers Week was proud to welcome writer Sasha Dawn to share her experiences with the school.


Antioch Community High School welcomed writer Sasha Dawn to Writers Week on Mar. 20, 2017.

Dawn is an ACHS alumna who returned to share the turmoils she faced in her life, and how overcoming them allowed her to become a better writer. Many of Dawn’s works follow the genre of dark thriller, and primarily writes young adult novels. Her works include “Oblivion” and “Splinter,” and she is expecting the release of her upcoming book “Blink” in the fall of 2018. 

Dawn spent much of her time explaining to her audience how she used to be a former student at the school, and hated when she had to go home because of the family issues she faced there. These issues mostly related to her father and the girlfriends he brought home. Many of the her father’s former girlfriends did not agree well with Dawn; one even took all of Dawn’s belongings and burned them in a bonfire.

Many audience members thought highly of Dawn’s performance.

“I thought she was interesting to listen to, but got off topic and into tangents,” senior Lena Slater said.

While some people, on the other hand, had different opinions.

“I thought it was really boring,” senior Max Tubbs said. “I was expecting to be more engaged, but she mainly just read from her book.”

Even though some opinions may differ, Dawn’s meaningful, personal stories were greatly appreciated among the school. Hopefully Dawn’s words and experiences encouraged the students of the school to take the troubles in their lives and use it to motivate them for the better.