10 Things You Need to Know for Monday, February 27


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Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, La La Land was one of many films that received high recognition during this year’s Oscars.

1. Spring Sports Tryouts

Spring sports officially begin their tryouts for the upcoming season at ACHS. Look out for emails concerning track and field, lacrosse, softball, baseball, soccer, volleyball and tennis if interested in being a part of a team.


2. Writers Week Workshops

While Spring Break is on its way at the end of March, the English Department revealed updated information on Writers Week. Taking place the week before break, Writers Week showcases professional writers, journalists, authors and actors to students during their English classes. Students are also able to sign up to participate in group workshops with these speakers. For enrollment information and availability of workshops, click Here.


3. Wear Out Wednesday: Crazy Weather Day

This week’s Wear-Out-Wednesday highlights weather. Change up the everyday school style by dressing according to an extreme weather forcast.


4. Buffalo Wild Wings Spirit Challenge Night

Competing against Lakes, Grant, Grayslake North and Grayslake Central, join fellow Sequoit students and staff as they take on the Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge on Tuesday, February 27. If planning on attending, print off the coupon Here and meet at the restaurant location in Round Lake.


5. Blood Drive

The school-wide blood drive is back again, looking for students to help save lives. If interested in giving blood, grab forms from the athletic office and turn them in before the start of the day on Wednesday.


6. The Oscars

After an exciting season of newly released films, the 89th annual Academy Award event, the Oscars, projected the success of many of these box-office movies. Highlights from Sunday’s award ceremony include Moonlight as best picture, Casey Affleck as best actor, Emma Stone as best actress, Zootopia as best amination and La La Land as best original music score. Other honorable mentions went to Manchester by the Sea, Hacksaw Ridge and Fences, among several others.


7. Trump’s Budget for America

In his first weeks as President, Donald Trump established his cabinet members, rolled into signing executive orders and recently declared his federal budget plan for the United States. With a 10% increase of funding to go towards military spending along with cuts in other department programs, Trump emphasized his hope for a stronger armed forces.


8. NASSA’s New Announcement

Surrounding a dwarf star called Trappist-1, seven new planets holding the same size as Earth were discovered by NASSA. Striking a record in habitable zone research, researchers continue to confirm the possibility of life on these planets.


9. Black History Month

As February winds down, many reflect on 2017’s Black History Month. Created as a time of observance towards African American people and events of the past, this North American and British celebration honors those who impacted the presence of this race throughout the world.


10. Principal Interviews

Due to Dr. Hubbard’s announced leave of his current position as Principal of ACHS, interviews will be taking place this Thursday, March 2nd to survey possible candidates for the spot.