10 Things You Need to Know for Monday, March 6


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Trump received much applause during his speech as he addressed current problems he aims to fix and showed attempt towards bridging the bipartisan gap between the two parties.

1. Wiretapping Dilemma

The Trump Administration made the recent claim that previous president Barack Obama wiretapped the phones inside Trump Tower in order to cause hindrance to the November election. The FBI and Department of Justice refute the claim, however the White House continues to pressure Congress to investigate the possibility.


2. Hubbard’s Cupboard

Open to all students during lunch hours, the student cabinet, also known as Hubbard’s Cupboard, meets this week on Thursday, March 8 in the front office conference room. As the group is influential in voicing positive changes to ACHS, it is encouraged for students to attend with thoughts, perspectives and an open mind on a variety of ideas.


3. Anti-Trump and Pro-Trump Protests

 “March 4 Trump” ralliers and anti-Trump protesters clashed together on Saturday as they voiced their opinions on the President and the political agenda currently being enacted through the Executive Branch. While these events were planned peacefully in cities all around the country, those in Minnesota and California caused the most collision and arrests.


4. Wear-Out-Wednesday

This week’s Wear-Out-Wednesday theme is Superhero Day. Come to school dressed as your favorite superhero character!


5. Solo & Ensemble

Many Sequoits involved in the Fine Arts Department took part in the annual Solo & Ensemble contest of 2017. Hosted at Grayslake Central High School, the day included vocal and instrumental performances of all types and positive feedback from judges.


6. Writers Week

The English Department’s 2017 Writers Week is to take place in just two weeks. Including The Second City, Improvised Shakespeare and Sidewalk Chalk, students will learn from professionals working in careers of English, writing and acting. To sign up for a workshop with one or more of these special guest speakers, visit http://www.achswritersweek.com/ .


7. First State of the Union Address

Although he has only been in administration for a month, President Trump gave his traditional State of the Union Address last Tuesday to both chambers of Congress. In this hour-long speech, he outlined his commitment and plan of action as President. Many in the audience looked at this speech as one of his most touching while others remained indignant toward the new president and the change he hopes to instill on America.


8. Reach Out & Read

The ILC is hosting a book drive to help children better develop their reading skills. Aimed towards those in the community from ages six months to five years old, the drive is asking for new or gently used books to be donated.


9. Midwest Tornadoes

Delivering scattered vehicles along highways, several injuries and at least three deaths, a string of tornadoes ripped through Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Tennessee and Indiana last Tuesday and Wednesday. Just barely reaching the tip of Kentucky and West Virginia, these 26 twisters caused much destruction to the rural areas they hit.


10. North Korea Missiles

After years of recovery from previous tension between North Korea, Russia and the United States during the Cold War, North Korea unexpectedly fired four ballistic missiles off the coast of Japan this morning. Although Japan and South Korea condemned the action, North Korea made a point that their missile program is advancing.