10 Things You Need to Know for Monday, October 24


AP: David Goldman

The Chicago Cubs make an inspiring appearance in the 2016 baseball World Series after a definite win against the L.A. Dodgers.

  1. Sequoit Football Team Makes Way to Playoffs

    After a smashing win of 25-20 against neighboring school Grayslake North, the ACHS Varsity football team carries an undefeated title of 9-0 into the playoffs. Looking to the future, the team hopes to defeat the Wauconda Bulldogs at this Friday’s home game, and to continue their winning streak.

  2. Presidential Election Quickly Approaches

    Just 15 days away, one of the most important elections of the future of the United States is right around the corner for American Citizens. With close poll results between the two lead candidates, Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton put forth their final efforts and strategies to try and snag votes for a win on November 7, 2016.

  3. Annual Blood Drive Comes to Antioch

    The popular blood drive that accompanies gym classes several times throughout the year has arrived yet again for Sequoits! Operating on a volunteer basis, students continue to graciously donate blood to Life Source and many plan on participating in the fall drive offered for to the student body on Thursday, October 27 in the auxiliary gym.

  4. ISIS Fighters Flee to Syria While Iraq Fights for Mosul

    Following years of ISIS’ powerful control over Iraq’s second largest city, Iraq military groups attacked their enemy in order to gain back Mosul. In carrying out these actions, unrest and violence continue in the country and surrounding states in the Middle East as ISIS is pushed out of one of its strongest powerhouses.

  5. Make A Wish Cheerleader Participates with Varsity Cheer Team

    The ACHS Cheer and Football team, in partnership with the Make A Wish Foundation, took time to honor Samantha Kempf during Friday night’s victorious game, allowing a middle school girl affected with a serious brain tumor the chance to experience the fun that comes with cheering on the sidelines as a Varsity Sequoit cheerleader.

  6. Deadly California Bus Crash

    A tour bus returning from a casino fatally crashed into a semi trailer-truck on Sunday morning, killing 13 and leaving several injured. Flying down the highway at a speed significantly higher than the posted limit, the bus was impaled by almost 15 feet of the truck ahead, causing significant impact for the bus driver, those inside and the truck driver.

  7. Spanish Classes Raise Money for Hurricane Matthew

    Following the enormous destruction Hurricane Matthew wrought onto many caribbean islands, Haiti and parts of the southern United States, AP Spanish classes within the ACHS Foreign Language Department came up with the idea of having a Global Giving Relief Fund for those affected by the storm. Available for donation until Wednesday, October 26, glass jars are placed in the library, commons and main office during lunch periods, and send money directly to victims of Matthew’s natural disaster.

  8. Cubs Go To World Series After 71 Years

    After defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 Saturday night in game 6 of the National League Championship Series, the Chicago Cubs continue their spectacular winning streak of the year as they make way towards the World Series. The rising team competes their first game of the World Series since 1945 on Tuesday night, facing the Cleveland Indians in Ohio.

  9. Antioch Tennis Takes on State Championship

    Sending senior Varsity players Elizabeth Gardner, Emma Dejong and Sjana Henderson along with junior Varsity player Kelsey Neville, the sequoits represented well at the Illinois State Tennis Championship this past weekend. Achieving a winning streak in almost all of her matches, junior Kelsey Neville brought home a highly-acclaimed title as 4th place winner in her single division.

  10. Celebrations for Red Ribbon Week.

    Beginning the week with advocating against drug-use and alcohol, the ACHS Cardinal Crazies planned events and dress-up days for the student body and faculty to participate in:

    MONDAY: “Choose to be drug free” – Good v. Evil day (dress as your favorite hero or villain) – Enjoy some Disney karaoke in the commons during lunch hours.

    TUESDAY: “Stay agray from drugs” – Groutfit day (wear all gray) – Post a picture on Instagram using the black and white filter and #GroutoutDrugs

    WEDNESDAY: “We want YOU to be drug free” – America day (wear red, white, and blue) – Sign a banner in the commons pledging to be drug free.

    THURSDAY: “Your future is bright without drugs” – College day (wear college gear) – Play tailgate games during the lunch hours in the commons

    FRIDAY: “Stay Safe Sequoits” – Spirit dress day – Contribute to making the big red pledge chain in the commons and being drug free.

    MONDAY: “Scare away drugs and alcohol” – #ISPYACHS (wear costumes) – Find your teachers dressed up using riddles from the Tom Tom twitter (ACHSTomTom) #ISPYACHS.