10 Things You Need to Know for Monday


AP: Adam Nadel

A giant Snoopy balloon was marched through Columbus Circle during the 87th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2013.

1. Model UN Joins Conference at Northwestern University

The Model United Nations club of Antioch Community High School attended the Chicago High School Model Arab League on November 18 and 19 at Northwestern University. Among the many that went, seniors Gabi Kalisz and Jack Connelly won Outstanding Delegate in the Council on Political Affairs.

2. Tsunami Hits Japan After Recent Earthquake

Following a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Fukushima, Japan, the city now braces for a destructive tsunami to strike within the next few days.

3. Antioch Fire Department Packs Gifts for Community

In an act of kind hearted service, the Antioch Fire Department spent the past weekend packing and handing out Thanksgiving gift baskets to Antioch residents in need.

4. President-elect Trump’s Cabinet Takes Shape

Just 2 weeks after one of the most historical elections of the century, President-elect Donald Trump continues to give updates on Cabinet positions that will become a reality after the coming Inauguration in January of 2017.

5. Santa’s Frozen Village Comes to Antioch

Beginning on November 26 and lasting through December 23, one of Antioch’s annual Holiday festivities opens to the public as meet and greets with Santa’s Special Friends will be offered on weekends for just $5 and free visits with Santa will take place on weeknights.

6. Christianity Lies in Peril After ISIS Takes on Mosul

While ISIS continues to attack Mosul, fear replaces the mindsets of many as Christianity receives violence and death as the terrorist group sweeps through the Christian villages and neighborhoods of northern Iraq, killing anyone who professes this religious faith.

7. Winter Sports In Full Swing

As the winter temperatures set in, so do the indoor sports that accompany the cold whether.  Girls and Boys Basketball, bowling and wrestling officially started their 2016-017 season last week on November 14 with games, matches and meets occurring throughout the week. In addition, the Dance and Cheer Team begin their competition season as Sequoit dancers snatched a 5th place at the Mundelein Invitational on November 20 and cheerleaders work towards a successful result from their first competition on December 11.

8. O’Hare Airport Workers to Strike on November 29

Following the holiday business that builds in airports around this time of year,  over 500 workers of O’Hare International Airport plan on proceeding with a strike on November 29 to raise awareness towards raising their pay wage and rights and union members.

9. Black Friday Sales Begin

Boasting unbeatable sales and limited-time offers, Black Friday finds attraction as a national holiday itself based off of the millions that participate in its early-bird shopping and lines of craziness that take place in shopping malls and retail stores the day after Thanksgiving.

10. Thanksgiving is Just Around the Corner

While many claim that the year is going by too fast, others are excited for the forthcoming holiday season and our country’s 395th year in celebration of giving thanks and gratitude for the blessings we, as Americans have.