2017’s Most Jawdropping Prom Trends

Prom is just around the corner, and this year’s round of styles are the most stunning yet.

Every girl wants their perfect Cinderella moment at prom, and this year may be the year. The final weeks of school are wrapping up, and a shopping frenzy for a showstopping prom dress has arrived along with them.

According to “Seventeen,” the latest trend for spring is full of edgy black dresses. More recently, the crave for the perfect mermaid-style dress has swept the internet. More and more people have endeavored into finding mermaid dresses as they follow a person’s silhouette and complement the curves. The bell bottom-like flare near the calf also steals gazes from those passing by.

“[My dress] is a beige color and I really love it,”  junior Leah Meltzer said. “I’m so excited for prom this year.”

Continuing its popularity from last year, the ever-promising two-piece gowns have also made a strong appearance. David’s Bridal is a dress store that is known for selling over 50 types of two piece prom dresses with different colors and patterns that fill all desires. While these crop-topped dresses may not be ideal for every body type, they seem to keep flying off the shelves as prom 2017 approaches.

Not only are off the shoulder tops common in casual wear, but also in prom dresses. The sleepless look is known to be romantic while combining a sense of elegance.

From the rose-gold iPhone to rose-gold eyeshadows, the crave for the perfect mix of subtle red and blush gold has swept the nation. Not only are rose and gold shades becoming popular, but a full fledged sparkle movement has become a popular look. Rose-gold, white or silver sparkled dresses have always been a signature go to, but this year they seem to be even more valuable.

Dress style is always an important factor in deciding, but making sure the pattern and color is up to standard is an important factor as well. More recently, statement florals and sparkles have sprouted as a popular trend this season.

“My dress is like sky blue and relaxed,” junior Nikki Rigney said. “I’m so excited to wear it.”

Prom is only a few weeks away, so finding the jaw-dropping dress to accompany your date or your STAG night continues to be a huge deal. From black dresses, bold patterns, two pieces and even rose-gold color schemes, prom night will be one to remember.