5 Go-To Gifts to Give Your Friends

Sometimes finding the perfect gift can be hard, here are a few simple ideas that are not too expensive.


Although Christmas is a special time of the year where friends and family can get together and create new memories, it is not the only time to give gifts to friends. There is no reason to be stressed about finding the perfect presents and staying under budget. Here are a few gifts that will not cost anyone a pretty penny no matter the season.

Coloring book and markers

This is a nice and relaxing gift that friends will be able to enjoy for quite a long time. Not only is it an inexpensive gift, but it can also be catered to a specific person by choosing a coloring book with images of hobbies, animals or designs that a friend would enjoy.

Photo clip string set

Everyone has a whole bunch of pictures that they have no idea what to do with. So what is better than being able to hang them up in a beautiful display around any room that they please. From colorful to light up strings, this is a perfect gift for any friend.

Travel mug or water bottle

Lots of people say that they will always want more water bottles or travel mugs. It could even be made a little more personal by adding their name or a design that relate to the friend’s favorite things.


Most people do not like to admit it, but writing thoughts down can be very therapeutic at times and a journal would be the perfect gift for someone that is in need of some stress relief. Also, similar to a drink bottle, journals can be personalized to fit the personality of almost anyone.

Gift basket

Sometimes people just do not know what to get their friends, but they also do not want to be impersonal and just get them a gift card. Therefore, a gift basket full of someone’s favorite things might be the perfect gift to get someone that may be hard to find a gift for and they will feel special that you have paid enough attention to them to know their likes and dislikes.