7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan

Island nation sees multiple earthquakes in several days.

Associated Press

One day after a powerful 6.2 earthquake struck Japan on April 14, CNN reported another hit the same the region April 15, which has caused major problems with access to resources across the country. To further problems, the nation experienced yet another earthquake on Saturday.

The disaster occurred on the Southern-most tip of Japan. It is reported that thousands are left without power due to the collapse of many power lines and companies without service.

There is no definite number of fatalities, but the earthquakes combined resulted in at least 42, according to Bloomberg News. The collapse of many buildings have left many businesses and modes of transportation helpless, but the damage is mostly on the coast and not inland.

Social Studies teacher Stephen Rose, who visited Japan with students last summer, said Japan is accustomed to earthquakes.

“Earthquakes are a very common occurrence in Japan,” Rose said. “So much so that we visited an earthquake prevention center on our tour last summer. Buildings are designed to bend, but not break. So, seeing images of broken glass, fallen pieces of buildings and items all over the ground is no big deal.”

However, Rose said he is still concerned for Japan due to his time there.

“Travel makes people feel connected,” he said. “It was very difficult to see pictures from the earthquake, and it makes me think about the friends we have there — Yu-San, our Tour Director, and my personal friend Alisa… No tsunami — I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that.”