Activities Over Spring Break Provide Time and Fun for Students

Even if one isn't going somewhere during break, it can still be fun and relaxing.


Spring break is the time when lots of students go on vacation and have some time away from school. There are also those students who spend their break at home and find fun activities to do with friends. Whether someone is going somewhere during break or staying in, there are many ways that it can be both relaxing and fun.

“I’m going to use my spring break to relax and hang out with friends,” sophomore Kiara Morris said. “There are many fun activities you can do during break like going to the mall or going to see a movie with friends.”

Going to the mall or seeing a movie is something fun to do with friends if one is not going anywhere during break. Spending time with family is also another way to enjoy the singular week away from school.

“During spring break, I am going to catch up with family I haven’t seen in a while,” sophomore Kaitlyn Holmes said. “Spring break is also a good time to relax and take a break away from school.”

Some other spring break activities can include spending a night in the city or even going out to eat with friends and family.

“Hanging out with friends is probably my favorite way to spend time off,” sophomore Dylan Kennedy said. “We like going out and doing fun things since we don’t have to be at school.”

Even if one isn’t going out of town for spring break, there are still many fun activities they can do to have an exciting and stress-free break.