Getting First-Hand Advice about Second-Hand Fashion

Thrift shopping is a way to find original clothing for a cheaper price compared to department stores.


Izana Nordhaus

Goodwill is one of the multiple thrift stores around Antioch that sells cheap used clothing.

Thrift shopping is a sustainable way for consumers to go shopping. This offers lower prices and good quality clothing that everyone may not have. Thrifting allows you to search through used clothing that may adhere to various styles. These shops allow people to show off their unique style. 


The Goodwill in Kenosha is one of the many popular thrift stores in the Lake Country Area. Goodwill is known to have affordable prices and quality clothing with a variety of brands.

“I think thrift shopping is a great way to get affordable clothing,” sophomore Joaquin Barba said. “The quality of clothing from Goodwill is very good and they aren’t like other thrift stores.”

According to Barba, Goodwill has a wide variety of clothing that other thrift stores don’t have. The clothing they have always caters his unique style.

Goodwill is organized by sizes and colors. They promote clothing to a variety of ages of both men and women. 

Village Thrift Shop

The Village Thrift Shop is a local thrift store in Antioch that carries a range of items, including clothing, accessories and home decor. Additionally, similar to Goodwill, the Village Thrift Shop offers clothing to various ages. 

“I go thrift shopping a lot and I usually find really nice clothing from [the Village Thrift Shop] ,” sophomore Jordan Mitchell said. “All of their clothes are really cheap and can be unique to your style.”

The quality of clothing from the Village Thrift Shop is typically decent, but shoppers may have to search extra hard. 

Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is another popular thrift store for those who are looking for top brands at a cheaper price. Although this thrift store is slightly more expensive compared to others, the prices are still cheaper compared to traditional stores. Plato’s Closet also accepts donated clothing that is in good condition and in style.

“I love the prices and quality of clothing that Plato’s closet has,” junior Riley Conway said. “Depending on the day, you can usually find top brands here for really good prices.”

Conway prefers Plato’s closet over Goodwill because Goodwill  takes all donations, so the clothing may not be in the best shape. Unlike Goodwill, Plato’s closet is more strict with the clothing that they accept, so customers can be reassured that they are receiving quality clothing. 

Although Plato’s closet mainly sells clothes to teenagers, the clothes are still worth a shot. 

Many people enjoy thrift shopping because it allows them to stand out by wearing clothing they typically won’t see anyone else wearing. Thrifting is known for giving people better prices that are affordable.