American Music Legend Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

Bob Dylan, 75, achieves one of the most prestigious awards for his remarkable work as a singer/songwriter.


AP: Clint Austin

Bob Dylan performs at Bayfront Festival Park in Duluth on July 9, 2013, during a stop on the Americanarama Festival of Music.

Hitting the music scene in the 1960s, Bob Dylan generated a vision of the world that has affected billions of people through his song-writing, poetry and music. Dylan’s award is going down in history as the first musician to be a Nobel Prize winner in Literature, and gains the title as the first American winner in the past two decades.

The Swedish Academy, who makes the official decision for the next Nobel Prize winner, states that Dylan won “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Dylan’s past work has sparked new ideas and creations that name him one of the most influential thinkers of the time. Since the award isn’t offered yearly, this news has came across as remarkable to many.

“Nobel prizes aren’t given out often,” junior Gabriel Tijerina said. “Lyrics have true power and artists should be given credit.”

Dylan was considered the voice of the nation throughout the 60s, especially when his hit “Like a Rolling Stone” emerged in 1965. According to RollingStone, Dylan’s song has been named one of the greatest of all time, influencing the name of this current, pop culture magazine.

Bob Dylan continued to perplex minds with his depth-defying lyrics that seemingly change meaning with every word. His work is said to clinch people’s thoughts and has continued to through the years. Because he is the first musician to achieve such a prestigious award, many are skeptical over why Dylan deserves this award. Although Dylan is the first musician, Junior Emily Palmer feels that he should still be honored all the same.

“I would be honored no matter who disagrees with my award…” Palmer said. “Artists like Bob Dylan should be recognized for their work as long as it is justified.”

Many believe the decision to elect such a radical winner changes the tone of the Nobel Prize’s true meaning, while some argue Dylan has affected American culture and worldwide adoration for writing, concluding that his work has proven to be worthy of such an envious award.

The astonishing American artist Robert Allen Zimmerman, or more formally known as Bob Dylan, has created an epicenter for true American folk and jazz culture for the last five decades. The lyrics and words used in his work have proven to be some of the most influential and emotionally effective lyrics the world has seen in awhile. Without a doubt, the 2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature is Bob Dylan; a man who has opened the door to depthness and perfected writing in the last 60 years, and will continue to leave marks in history.