Antioch Wins Against Cross-town Rivals

The Sequoits came out on top in last night’s game against Lakes 45-42.


The boys varsity basketball team won a close game against their cross town rivals the Lakes Eagles on Thursday February 22. While ending with a final score 45-42, the victory did not come easy for the Sequoits. The game went back and forth between both teams and came down to the last 30 seconds on who would end the night victorious.

This was one of our best games this season,” junior Jack Gillespie said. “Our aggression and determination to beat Lakes was high because it’s one of our biggest games each season.”

In the first quarter, the Sequoits started off strong on offense and were able to gain an early lead over the Eagles ending the quarter 12-5.

In the second quarter, the Sequoits managed to keep a lead over the Eagles but not by much. The Eagles’ defense became very strategic as well as their offense. While the Sequoits still had a lead, the Eagles began closing in on them going into the half with a score of 24-20.

Later in the third quarter, the Sequoits, just leading the Eagles, were able to keep the lead with a score of 37-33 making it a close game and an intense fourth quarter.

In the last quarter, the Sequoits were able to take on the pressure and knew they could come out with a win in the last eight minutes. With four minutes left in the game, the Eagles managed to comeback and tie up the game. As the game came to a close end, Gillespie had two free throws to make in order to gain back the Sequoits’ lead.

“That was the most nervous I have ever been for free throws,” Gillespie said. “The crowd was so loud and I knew we needed these two points to give us a lead since there was barely time left.”

With 34.3 seconds left in the game, Gillespie made both of his free throws and gave the Sequoits a nail-biting lead over the Eagles 43-42. Shortly after, junior Dan Filippone continued the action and made both his free throws with 18.7 seconds left ending the game with a score 45-42.

When the game came to an end, the roar of the crowd took over the gym as the Sequoits came out victorious against the Eagles with the final score being 45-22.

Come support the Sequoits as they take on their first game in the IHSA Regionals championship on Monday, February 26 at Antioch Community High School.