Back to Black

Throwback trend makes a comeback for this year’s fall season: black on black clothing.

Along with the rest of the 90s, the emo and punk vibe has emerged back into today’s current fashion trends. All things black, from boots to skinny jeans, are making a statement not only on the Vera Wang and Saint Laurent runways, but in the halls of Antioch Community High School. The chilly autumn season ties together basic black fashion pieces with comfy sweaters and socks; an ultimate go-to fashion pack for students facing the cold weather to come.

These come-back looks are in many ways controversial because of their perceived “bad boy/girl” appearance. By throwing together a leather jacket with simple blue jeans, the classic black clothing trend becomes relaxed and easy going for a typical school day. According to Vogue, a awarded fashion magazine, “Over-the-top displays of creativity are harder to come by nowadays than ever before, but by using all-black as a means for creativity, designers are able to sneak in experimentation between retail-friendly items”.

Allie Gelander, a senior at ACHS, is sporting the new trend, “I love the black on black trend. Personally, it’s my favorite combo to wear. It’s easy to find and also so stylish. I think it’s unique because black used to resemble goth and now it’s a fashion statement”.

2015 is the year of not only simplicity, but of classic revival and elegance. The black-on-black trend is another example of the high fashion industry conforming to their buyers wants, as well as their pocket books. Contrary to popular belief, the expensive industry can create looks that even the middle-class woman or man would purchase. For those at ACHS, wearable and affordable black-on-black looks can be created easily and are being worn.