Bombings Targeting Police Wound Hundreds in Turkey.

Turkey experiences act of terror after twin bombings wound and kill hundreds in Istanbul.


AP: Emrah Gurel

Bombings outside Vodafone Arena, a soccer stadium in Istanbul, on September 10 are the latest large-scale assault on Turkey.

Two large blasts as a result of a car bomb and suicide bomber exploded near civilians at a public soccer stadium on Saturday evening in Istanbul, Turkey.  According to CNN, the death toll is reported at 38 with 166 wounded and 6 in intensive care. Of the 38 killed, 27 were police officers.

The blasts were targeted at police following a soccer game at the Besiktas Vodafone Arena. The aftermath of the second, less damaging bomb in Macka Park was declared as a suicide bombing attack while the first explosion came from a vehicle less than a half-mile away, closer to the stadium. Senior Sarah Schwantner believes attacks can happen anywhere.

“Every year these type of situations are becoming more prominent,” Schwantner said. “This event and many others just show that you can’t do simple things like going to a soccer game without a risk factor being there.”

Police assisted in loading the victims into ambulances and contacting families of those affected.

Turkish President Erdogan spoke saying that Turkey has, “witnessed the ugliest face of terror stepping on all values and morals. … Together with the help of Allah, as a country and a nation, we will overcome terror, terror organizations, terrorists and the … powers behind them.”

While dismissing crowds from the forty thousand-seat stadium, Turkish Police assisted in loading the victims into ambulances and contacting families of those affected. After a late night of investigations behind the motive and suspects of the attacks, ten were detained with high suspicion of completing treason and an act of terror.

“I honestly am so appalled that we hear about so much violence in the news,” Junior Emily Palmer said. “I just can’t understand what benefit these people get from killing and hurting so many people.”

Turkey has experienced various terrorist attacks in the recent months, leaving the country on high alert for the future. Although no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, ISIS and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) have attacked major cities in Turkey over the past year, leaving them with the highest regard of blame.