Bowling Defeats Grayslake Central

The girls varsity bowling team takes on Grayslake Central and comes out victorious.


Eleni Sakas

The Antioch varsity bowling team continues their undefeated season after winning against Grayslake Central High School.

The girls varsity bowling team took on the Grayslake Central Rams in their meet on Monday, December 11. With hopes of ending with a victory, the team started strong in the first game and ended up winning with 169 pins over Grayslake Central.

“The team did extremely well,” sophomore Lynn Michalec said. “They hit most of their marks and I’m really proud of the results from the first game.”

The victory from the first game allowed the girls to carry their determination into the second and third game as well. In game two, the girls averaged a 160 with help from sophomore Allison Kane who bowled a 164 which helped contribute to the teams score. The Sequoits ended up defeating the Rams in game two by over 171 pins.

In the third game, the Sequoits averaged a score of 133, though it was lower than game two, it was enough to lengthen the gap between them and Grayslake Central. In the same game, junior Kayla Tikovitsch bowled her highest out of the three that were played with a score of 151.

Junior Samantha Knab dominated the meet and bowled the highest points out of everyone competing. At the end of all three games, Knab’s series score was 601 and she averaged a score of 200 throughout the meet.

Overall, the girls varsity bowling team dominated and took the victory over Grayslake Central and is still underway for an undefeated season.

Come support the girls varsity bowling team as they compete on Wednesday, December 13 against Round Lake High School at home.