CNBC’s ‘American Greed’ Features Fox Lake Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz Case

The story of Gliniewicz’ secret life becomes revealed in new American Dream series.


New “American Greed” film highlights the suicide of previous Antioch resident and Fox Lake police officer Lt. Joe Gliniewicz.

For nearly a decade, small town Fox Lake police officer Joseph Gliniewicz, 52, led a double life, stretching the scandal beyond his violent death in 2015. The case surrounding Gliniewicz’ death became a part of CNBC’s ‘American Greed’ series, highlighting the dark side of the American dream.

Lt. Gliniewicz’s death ignited a man hunt of 400 law enforcement in Fox Lake on the morning of September 1, 2015 when Gliniewicz made his final radio in, marking the last voice of said “town hero”. Detectives later ruled “G.I. Joe’s” death a suicide, following released information on Gliniewicz’ hidden past.

According to CNN, the American Greed episode aired Monday, February 6, featuring the story behind the town’s changing feelings from hero to zero. Clips of the memorial service at ACHS and the parade through downtown Antioch are featured, communicating the widespread recognition of the case and home close to home it hit for many Lake County residents.

“It was scary to see how fast the community changed,” junior Patrick Day said. “The town was covered in respect until the scandal came out.”

Known for his commitment to the Fox Lake Police Explorer Post, CNBC addresses the scandal among the months of questioning and investigation following the death of “G.I. Joe”. The show targets the homicide turned suicide of Lt. Gliniewicz, and the impact it had throughout Fox Lake and across the nation.

“It was incredibly sad,” junior Patricia Scott said. “Really weird how close to Antioch this happened.”

The death of Lt. Gliniewicz struck grief and disappointment for many Antioch residents, affecting students and adults alike. Despite the disappointment of the occurrences that happened just a year and a half ago,  ‘American Greed’ highlights a lesson within its film and was created to prevent dealings such as the Gliniewicz suicide to take place in the future.