Competing in a Sport Nobody Knows

Not many people know how hard it is to compete in a non-traditional sport.


There are no plays, no outs, no baskets and no field, just a wide open rink filled with slippery, cold ice that is waiting for someone to slip, fall and fail.

Sophomore Chloe Hampson has been ice skating for most of her life. She competes at a high competitive level, including national competitions. This sport is a great challenge for her because not a lot of people compete, but the ones who do are usually experienced.

“I started skating when I was seven years old,” Hampson said. “My parents took me and my brother to the ice rink for fun one day after watching figure skating in the Olympics and I fell in love with it.”

In her seven years of skating, Hampson has achieved many accomplishments and successes.

“I have passed my novice moves in the field and my intermediate free skate,” Hampson said. “I land my double jumps and due to my level of skating, I am considered a featured skater at the semiannual ice shows.”

Many people do not understand skating or know anything about it, therefore this sport is given the label of being a non-traditional sport.

“Figure skating is not a traditional sport because there aren’t that many local ice rinks, ice time is limited, it’s costly and time-consuming,” Hampson said. “Skaters skate at the most uncomfortable hours. For example, there are times when I’ve had to be at the rink at 4:30 in the morning or 9:00 at night.”

Hampson also runs cross country, is trying out for basketball and runs track for Antioch.

“As an athlete, she is very determined,” junior Hayley Powers said. ¨She wants the best for not just herself, but everyone on the team.”

“She’s extremely athletic and a natural athlete,” sophomore Kaitlyn Holmes said. “She is always willing to try new things.”

Hampson has many goals for the future. She wants to continue skating throughout high school and accomplish even bigger things.

“My goal is to pass both my senior moves in the field and free skate tests before I graduate high school,” Hampson said.

Hampson does not know where skating will take her later in life, but she does know it is something that she wants to keep doing for a long time.

“I think Chloe’s future looks bright,” Powers said. “She is very smart and involved inside and outside of school and loves what she does and it shows.”

As of now, Hampson is going to continue to skate and compete in other sports and competitions. Although skating isn’t very well known, Hampson can’t imagine doing anything else.