Cutting Through the Ice

Learn the basics of ice fishing so you can get in on the big catch.

When the rivers and lakes start to freeze, the people who fish all summer long have to adapt to the conditions. The cold and the ice add to a northern tradition: ice fishing. Many people in Antioch participate in this winter hobby.

If you want to learn, here are a few quick steps:

1) Gather the Necessities

Ice fishing needs very minimal supplies. You need this a fishing pole, tackle gear, an auger and something to sit on.

Fishing poles, tackle and bait are easy to acquire, and can be found at any store with an outdoor section.

Augers are essential for getting through the ice, and can range from a hand crank one that costs $50-$100, all the way to a propane or gas powered one that costs $200-$500.

Finding something to sit on is easy. Many ice-fisherman use a five gallon bucket. However, if you’re on the ice for a long time, you may want to get a chair that is a little more comfortable.

2) Location, Location, Location

Luckily, most lakes, like Channel Lake and Lake Marie in Antioch have a variety of fish that can be caught during all four seasons.

3) The Catch

This part is easy and fun. all you have to do is drill through the ice, whether your auger is gas powered or hand cranked, then drop in your line and wait for a bite. But it will always be more fun if you bring a few friends along for the trip.

You don’t have to be part of a special clique or group to go ice fishing, anyone at any time can take part in this activity at anytime.