Deciding the Top Priority

Dedication is generally a positive trait, but what are the dark sides to it?

Being fully dedicated to something can be important, but it also might not be the best for one’s mental health. When someone is involved in something, it may start to take over their life and individuality. It may be that one is engaged in sports and spends lots of time after school at practices. If one loves their job and spends a lot of time working, they may not balance their time evenly between responsibilities. It may even be if one has a boyfriend or girlfriend, they might find themselves spending more time with that particular person and less with other people in their lives.

When one is involved in sports, it can become a big part of someone’s life; having practices everyday and even the weekend can take away a lot of someone’s free time or time to focus on school work. Being dedicated is not always a bad thing, unless time is not being balanced evenly and one starts forgetting their goals in their life.

“Sometimes, I feel like I have no free time,” sophomore Kaitlyn Bargamian said. “Especially with the time my practices are at, along with homework.”

There are some teachers that put in extra work and spend all their spare time staying after school to finish work that they did not done during the day. There are some teachers that spend time doing their school work, rather than spending time with family. Spending too much time working might affect a teacher’s family because they don’t get to see their loved one as much as they are used to.

“I spend way too much time at work and not enough time with my family, and they are starting to see that,” English teacher Iwona Awlasewicz said. “I think being dedicated to my job is super important but I need to find a way to balance time between things.”

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend may also become a problem if one does not know how to balance their time with and without their significant other. If one spends more time with their loved one than friends, they might start to lose their connection with those friends because they do not spend as much time together anymore. Learning how to spend time equally between things may be crucial to keeping one’s friendships.

“I definitely spend more time with my boyfriend than my friends,” sophomore Cheyenne Miller said. “I do not see that as a bad thing, but I do try to spend an equal amount of time with my boyfriend and my friends.”

Having hobbies is important to one’s happiness, but it cannot become so important that it starts to take over aspects in life. Balancing out time between certain things can be necessary to living a full life. Whether it be a sport, a significant other or a job, it is crucial that one finds the key to their happiness.