Dress for Less: Celebrity Edition

Celebrities are known for their great style but it comes with a big price tag. Look just as great as your favorite celebrities for a more affordable price.


Nick Jonas

Junior Treshawn Watson can be found wearing outfits inspired by singer and songwriter Nick Jonas. Jonas is known for his style; GQ, an international men’s magazine that focuses on fashion and lifestyle, just named him the best dressed man of 2018. A more casual look from Jonas is a hoodie paired with a simple black jacket. A look similar to Watson’s jacket is available at Forever 21 Men’s priced at $35.

Emma Chamberlain

Senior Claire Reband takes fashion inspiration from influencer Emma Chamberlain, who is known for her style; however, the price range of Chamberlain’s clothing items aren’t always accessible for the average person. Reband is often seen wearing Vans, a shoe worn often by the influencer, as well as a colorful striped sweater that is similar to the one that Chamberlain has. Chamberlain’s sweater is priced at $88, where as Reband’s is less than half the price at Shein for $15.

Zac Efron

Sophomore Caden Jimenez is often seen in outfits inspired by actor Zac Efron. Denim jackets can be seen not only on Efron, but various other style icons. Depending on the brand, these jackets can become very pricey, reaching up to thousands of dollars. At Rue 21, Jimenez was able to find a more affordable option for $30.

Madison Beer

Sophomore Alyssa Colpaert regularly flaunts a pair of trousers with a simple pattern. This style of pant is favored by many influencers and celebrities, and singer Madison Beer can oftentimes be seen in a similar style. The most popular version of this pant is from the brand Brandy Melville, which has become increasingly popular with celebrities. Brandy Melville is trendy and has fairly moderate prices, but is not fully inclusive with their sizing. Most clothing items from the store only fit one size, which is not ideal. The pants Colpaert wears retail for $30, which is close in price to the ones from Brandy Melville; Hollister is also a more inclusive brand with a variety of pants.