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“Euphoria” reaches the top

There is a lot of hype over the newer show “Euphoria” and there are many reasons people love the show.
In need of a new show to watch? Watch “Euphoria” and see what the trend is all about.

The attention grabbing show, “Euphoria” has pulled its weight in the last few years and made its way to becoming the second most watched show on HBOmax. 

The well-known and very popular show is seen on all HBO platforms including HBOmax. The show starring Zendaya has been a huge hit ever since its first showcase in 2019. The series has only released two seasons with a total of 17 episodes to watch. It is intended for mature audiences consisting of more inappropriate and graphic content not intended for some people.

According to Collider, “Euphoria” is the most watched series on HBOmax behind “Game of Thrones.” Season two of the show has become so trendy and has roped in a lot of new viewers.

This show’s popularity is due to its wide reach with many different types of audiences; highschoolers, college students, adults, and more. The show is based off of high school students that are going through their life experiences involving love, friendships, drugs and sex; they all have their ups and downs.

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“I think that people watch this show because it is so real,” senior Gabby Debevec said. “In my opinion, there is no show like this one. The lives the cast members experience in the show are horrors our culture and society today have steered people away from.”

The famous series is an American drama and people tend to love the story that is being portrayed. This show excites people for many different reasons. Whether people watch it out of personal interest, relate to the show or because they enjoy fantasizing about the lives of the characters, many people have grown to love the show now that season two is out and everyone wants to see more. 

While season two has brought in many more viewers and has surfaced on all social media platforms, season three of “Euphoria” is rumored to take quite some time to be released.

According to Cosmopolitan, the next season will likely be released in 2024 and it makes sense especially because the first season was released in 2019 and two years later is when season two came out.

Fans might get impatient and antsy waiting for the next season. Since there is much more attention and buzz around the show this time around, many expect sneak peaks of the upcoming season.

“I do get caught up on the show,” sophomore Lydia Mcwilliams said. “I enjoy spending my Sunday night watching it because I watched the first season last year and the second season is even better.”

It is no surprise that people love the show. It has brought many people together on Sunday evenings when new episodes were released. The show stirred many different emotions and created conversations amongst others. Season three is something people look forward to and everyone hopes for it to top the second season, if possible.

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Grace Semple, Tom Tom Staff
Grace Semple is a senior and this is her fourth year on staff. She is going to be an early graduate so she can get a head start on her career. In her free time, Semple enjoys going to Chicago, being outside and spending time with her friends and family.

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