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Field hockey senior recognition game

An intense Saturday morning battle against the Evanston Wildkits.
Katie Smith
ACHS sequoit field hockey seniors.

As the end of the field hockey season approaches, the Antioch Community High School seniors are approaching the end of an era. Most seniors started their freshman year and have been working towards this moment ever since. The Sequoits have seven seniors this year, five of which have played since their freshman year.

“During [past] senior nights I saw the look of joy on the seniors’ faces to be congratulated,” senior Maranda McNeany said. “Ever since I have been excited for my senior night.”

The Sequoits took on the Evanston Wildkits in hopes of reassuring their senior recognition day with a big win, especially after losing their previous three games.

The beginning of the game was a slow and quiet start for the Sequoits, with little action until the second half. The sequoits started the first half down 1-0, but after they started to communicate and move the ball toward their offensive side, they eventually scored one goal by the captain senior Cameron Pluciennik.

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When the buzzer went off at the end of the fourth quarter, the score was tied 1-1. The Sequoits headed into their second overtime of the season. Now down to six field players instead of ten, the Sequoits had the advantage, resulting in multiple attempts at a goal. After a few minutes, they snuck one past the Evanston goalie and took the lead 2-1 in overtime. Though the Sequoits stayed strong throughout overtime, Evanston was not giving up and eventually scored a goal to tie the game, forcing a second overtime.

“The scariest part of a game was the anticipation that everyone was feeling,” senior Cambell Lazarz said. “When we have close games, it puts everyone on edge because, without a team effort, it’s hard to pull through and win.”

Different from the first overtime, the first goal scored would win the game. As they lined up for the sixth quarter, the Sequoits knew they had to score to end this game and help improve their record for the playoffs. The Sequoits played a hard-fought second overtime, but neither team scored a goal.

“[Triple overtime] is something that does not happen often,” senior Mollie Tubbs said. “Triple overtime has only happened twice before while I have played.”

The third overtime consists of a shootout with five players selected by each team to shoot against the opposing team’s goalie. The Sequoit’s five shooters were Pluciennik, junior Vera Fogel, junior Laila Salata, sophomore Kaitlyn Baylen and sophomore Katie Smith. Despite their best efforts, the Sequoits ended up losing the game 4-2.

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Katie Smith
Katie Smith, Sports Writing Editor
Katie Smith is a junior and has been on staff for 2 years. She plays field hockey and softball in addition to being involved in NEHS, NHS, Sequoit Senate and Sequoit to Sequoit. In her free time, she enjoys taking her two dogs on walks, volunteering and listening to country music.
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