Get To Know: Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce has had a passion for teaching since the second grade.


Haley Aitken

Joyce spends time during her off periods preparing for upcoming classes and meeting with other teachers. Her classroom is covered with student art and projects, and her desk is decorated as well. The overall environment of the classroom is very inviting for every student.

Jennifer Joyce is currently a second year teacher at Antioch Community High School. This year is a change from last year, as she is now teaching Psychology as well as AP Human Geography and Global Studies. 

“I added Psychology this year because it’s my favorite subject to teach,” Joyce said. 

Joyce enjoyed her first year. However, she faced some challenges as well. 

“A teacher left our department so then I had to switch classes second semester,” Joyce said. “Teaching AP for the first time was hard as well, especially since I had to do more AP geography classes.”

Despite any challenges, Joyce considers teaching her passion. 

“I just liked helping others, and I love all of my kids,” Joyce said. 

Joyce genuinely enjoys what she does, and it shows with her dedication in the classroom.