Married Parents Versus Divorced Parents

Having divorced parents can change your life in many ways.

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Haley Aitken

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Married Parents Versus Divorced Parents

Someone who has divorced parents can be living a completely different life than someone who has married parents. The child has to work with each parent to figure out how they can see each parent equally. 

“Since my parents are married I get to see both of them equally,” sophomore Kiara Morris said. “I feel like having divorced parents would be hard because you have to find time to see them equally and have to go from house to house.”

Having divorced parents can be difficult because it can change someone’s life and it can affect the relationships a person used to have with family.

“There are a lot of things that kids with married parents cannot relate to,” freshman Jordan Mitchell said. “Having divorced parents is definitely something that has changed my whole life.”

It can also be difficult when it comes to holidays because someone may not know who to spend the holidays with and whether they will be able to see each parent equally.

“Having divorced parents does make it harder to see each parent equally especially when they live far from each other,” Mitchell said. “It’s also hard having to choose who to spend holidays or birthdays with because I don’t want to make one of my parents feel less important.”

If someone has married parents, it can make it easier to get around during the weekend, whether it’s for sports or to hang out with friends.

“Getting to sports during the weekend is easier when you have two parents at home,” sophomore Kaitlyn Holmes said. “Also, I have more time to see friends since I don’t have to worry about splitting time between houses.”

Being a child with divorced parents is very different than someone who has married parents and it can completely change a persons life.

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