Health and Wellness: Early Morning Exercise

Science proves that exercising in the morning provides as many mental benefits as it does physical ones for the common person


John Petty

Junior Jaden DeVaughn goes down to squat during zero hour physical best.

Many people have hobbies that they do outside of school or work, yet getting up bright and early to work out may not sound ideal to many of them. However, getting up in the morning and working out can lead to several opportunities.

“Won’t working out in the morning make me tired for the rest of the day?”

Early-morning exercise actually helps with having energy throughout the day. Getting moving early in the day helps exercise the brain as well as muscles. It is proven that lifting weights or even going for a jog can improve awareness and create essential energy with its own line of benefits.

“Won’t getting moving in the morning ruin my sleep schedule?”

Physical training in the morning not only improves sleep length but quality as well. A feeling of healthy fatigue will allow for the body to fall asleep faster, with less interruption. In addition, sleep cycles will deepen and be more easily reached. Exercising in the evening time will cause adrenaline to be released before sleep, causing restlessness and extra fatigue.

“My schedule will suffer, right?”

Working out in the morning is a commitment that gives a reward after time. This commitment may be tough to do at first, but over time will become a routine. This method of both time-management and success makes the use of time much easier. Waking up early can become easier than before and other measures of self-discipline become easier as well.

“How will I have the desire to actually work out?”

Getting up early will not be easy, but the results and pride are worth it in the end. By sacrificing sleep time, motivation to make progress will increase because the mind wants the sacrifice to be worth it. Setting a goal and achieving it is a simple process for our brain and can help with future goal-setting as well.

“I think taking zero hour gym and working out in the morning is really important because it wakes you up and gets you ready for the day a lot faster than waking up and going to math class instead”, senior David Lonski said.