Hot App: Uber

With technology becoming more advanced, it is easier than ever to find a ride.

Emily Holmes

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With the world moving faster than ever, people need other ways to get around. The latest buzz in the app store in Uber. This app allows its users to call for a “cab” from over 500 different cities across the country.

The company was first started in March of 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp and, until 2011, the company was called Ubercab. The company’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California. Even though this company was started years ago, it is not until recently that more and more people are using this mode of transportation instead of driving or public transportation. Senior Amanda Pierce is familiar with how Uber works since she has used it on multiple occasions.

“I had a big group once and none of the cabs were big enough,” Pierce said. “Uber had a van available so we were all able to fit. The app was really helpful and the driver was super nice.”

The app is super user friendly and it is free. One can simply open the app on their phone and pick their destination, how you want to pay and will even show you a picture of your driver and the vehicle. A receipt will be sent via email and one can rate their driver after the fact as well.

With this service available day and night, there is no need to wait for a taxi, bus or other means of public transportation. This app can help get one to their destination safe and sound.